The all new Apple Watch Series 5

The Apple Watch Series 5 display;

Loaded with innovative technology, a screen which doesn't ever dim whilst retaining it's battery seems a bit far fetched right? Not anymore! The Apple Watch Series 5 will have just that. Whether you're taking a peak at your watch during your shift or you're in the middle of a heavy workout & want to check your heart rate this should be a very exciting addition.


New Apple Watch Series 5 release date

    • Apple Watch Series 5 launch date: September 10th 2019 
    • Apple Watch Series 5 pre-order date: September 13th 2019
    • Apple Watch Series 5  release date: September 20th 2019

New Apple Watch Series 5 Bands

    • iPhone 11 launch date: September 11th 2019 
    • Predicted iPhone 11 pre-order date: September 11th 2019 
    • Predicted iPhone 11 Case shipping date: September 11th 2019 

Built in compass

Just like your iPhone a built-in compass is another brand new feature for Apple Watch Series 5. You can add the compass to your watch face, and there is also a dedicated app. 

Safety features

Now with the Apple Watch Series 5 every cellular model has a very unique feature which enables your Apple Watch to call the emergency services without the need of an iPhone! Paired up with your compass you can rest assured when out for a long bike ride if the worst was to happen you can call for help & be rescued. All from a watch!

Case Colours

Good news for existing Mintapple band owners, the colours you love remain, so does the the case sizing. Sticking with the Series 4 format of 40mm & 44mm. This is great for someone has a large array of Apple Watch goodies already!

Series 5 Aluminium;

Space Grey Aluminium - Available on Mintapple

Silver Aluminium - Available on Mintapple

Gold Aluminium - Available on Mintapple


Series 5 Stainless Steel;

Silver Stainless Steel Available on Mintapple

Space Black Stainless Steel Available on Mintapple



Hermès launch a new Space Black version - TIP: Buy a regular Space Black Series 5, add a Mintapple strap and save £100 :) 


NEW to Apple Watch Series 5 


Brushed Space Black titanium - COMING SOON TO MINTAPPLE


Series 3 now just £199 - Mintapple Series 3 bands