Step 1.

In order to adjust your Link Bracelet Band you will need to remove links accordingly.  Firstly, assess how many links you would like to remove and remove half the amount from one side, and the other half from the other side. This keeps the clasp centred. Simply insert the Link Removal tool ( pin end ) into the link hole on the side of the Bracelet (fig1), use light pressure to compress the pin, wiggle the band releasing the Link. Repeat to remove the amount of links required.

 Step 2.

Place Link Bracelet face down on a soft cloth to avoid any scratches to the face of the band, clasp facing up and place the spring pin into the Link you want to connect to the band (fig2}. Now connect one end of the spring pin that has been inserted into the Link into the Bracelet (fig3). The last step is to compress the spring pin (fig4), align both parts, then the Link will drop and connect to the Link securely connecting the two pieces back together.  Give the band another wiggle to ensure the link has clicked into place and the band will be ready to use.