Adjusting your Leather Apple Watch Band


- Your MINTAPPLE® Leather Apple Watch Band
- 30 seconds of your time
- Soft cloth
Your Leather Apple Watch Band

MINTAPPLE® Leather goods are built with longevity in mind, they're crucial everyday essentials which can be used without too much concern that they will deteriorate within the first few weeks which is seen from non Genuine Leather goods. 

Our Leathers are imported from Italy and some sourced from the UK - Both from tanneries in which we have visited to thoroughly understand the process and maintenance options for each of our leathers. 

Adjusting Your Leather Band for the Perfect Fit

#STEP 1.

In order to adjust your Mintapple leather band you must loosen the deployment clasp with the two buttons on the edge of the clasp. This will release the secure clasp.

MINTAPPLE® Leather Band adjustment tutorial - Step 1
#STEP 2.

Lift the clamp as shown to release the strap to either extend or shorten the strap before pressing the clamp back down to secure your band.

MINTAPPLE® Leather Band adjustment tutorial - Step 2
Cleaning Your Leather Apple Watch Band

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