How To - Adjust your MINTAPPLE Link Bracelet Apple Watch Band


- Your MINTAPPLE® Link Bracelet
- Link Removal tool ( included in your order )
- 2 x Soft cloth

MINTAPPLE. Link Bracelet Apple Watch Bands provoke a traditional watch bracelet design with the ease of modern technology to adjust the sizing.
Designed to transform your Apple Watch with a premium Apple Watch Strap.
Each Link Bracelet securely fastens to your prized technology with a unique and rewarding clasp that remains discrete whist wrapped around your wrist.  

Your Link Bracelet Apple Watch Band

Your Link Bracelet is a truly special band with specifically chosen materials - We use 316L Stainless Steel and Apple MFI dedicated lug internals to ensure a highly luxurious and long lasting product. The same material selection can be found on our Milanese Loop collection

We've put together a How To on how to adjust and care for your new Link Bracelet for your Apple Watch. 

Adjusting Your Link Bracelet Band

#STEP 1.

In order to adjust your Link Bracelet Band you will need to remove links accordingly.  Firstly, assess how many links you would like to remove and remove half the amount from one side, and the other half from the other side. This keeps the clasp centred. Simply insert the Link Removal tool ( pin end ) into the link hole on the side of the Bracelet (fig1), use light pressure to compress the pin, wiggle the band releasing the Link. Repeat to remove the amount of links required.

Link Bracelet Adjustment - MINTAPPLE FIG 1
#STEP 2.

Place Link Bracelet face down on a soft cloth to avoid any scratches to the face of the band, clasp facing up and place the spring pin into the Link you want to connect to the band (fig2}. Now connect one end of the spring pin that has been inserted into the Link into the Bracelet (fig3). 

Link Bracelet Adjustment - MINTAPPLE FIG 2 - FIG 3
#STEP 3.

The last step is to compress the spring pin (fig4), align both parts, then the Link will drop and connect to the Link securely connecting the two pieces back together.  Give the band another wiggle to ensure the link has clicked into place and the band will be ready to use.
Link Bracelet Adjustment - MINTAPPLE FIG 4

Cleaning Your Link Bracelet Band
*also applies to Milanese Loop Collection 

Your Link Bracelet Apple Watch Strap is in direct contact with the skin on a daily basis, and the sweat, body oils, dead skin cells and dust can accumulate on the Stainless Steel top coating. Not only will this dull the look of the Apple Watch Strap, it can leave lasting effects to the finish of the Link Bracelet. Cleaning your Apple Watch Band carefully, with the right methods is essential in preserving the integrity of the band while still removing the dirt and grime.


Firstly, wipe the Link Bracelet with your first dry microfibre cloth removing the top layer of surface dirt. This removes any surface dust and dirt from the Stainless Steel and prevents scratching during the cleaning process.

Moisten the same cloth with lukewarm water, it is key that this water was boiled prior to being cooled dow. Add one to two drops of conditioner to the cloth ( if the band is especially dirty ) then proceed to rub the cloth together to create a foam then wipe the watch band gently. Your MINTAPPLE® Apple Watch Strap is built from 316L Stainless Steel and is very durable however we recommend removing before coming into contact with any chemicals or salt water as this can damage the top coating. 


  • Wipe your Leather goods with a dry cloth when you set them down for the night.  


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