Mix & Match Sport Bands - Create something unique!

Mix & Match Sport Bands - Create something unique!

The options are endless ( well, almost endless ) - Over 320 variations available from 19 colours you have plenty of choice to help create a unique, tailored strap for you!



Whether you want to create a band ready for the weekend which you want to match with your new outfit, whether you want to make an impression at work with a matching tie & watch strap combo complementing the corporate logo or simply want something which is awesome!




Each band is built to the same Mintapple standards & has been tested for the past 12 months to ensure longevity & durability are at a higher standard than Apples own bands. Apples product lifespan isn't always the longest and you do find that you are having to re-purchase a product after 6-12months so we try to balance a reasonable price point with a realistic lifespan. Our Sport Bands should last a lifetime if looked after. 

Check out our blog post on how to maintain you Mintapple band for tips on how to increase your bands lifespan - Keep Your Mintapple Apple Watch Band Clean

Choose from a S/M band & a M/L band for your new Sport Band. 

Check our size guide to help find out which size you will need


Mintapple Apple Watch band size guide chart


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